Due March 7th

          PART ONE:

          The United States constitution as one of the most influential documents in existence’s goal has always been to preserve the people’s right and also provide a stable government for the people. Although it has been able to protect the rights of the people, there have been challenges in the past and today.Over one hundred countries all around the world have used it as a model for their own constitutions. The constitution is thus a symbol of unity and has had a remarkable influence not only in the United States but in other countries all over the world.

         I was surprised by how much detail the Constitution had. The roles of the government are clearly explained in the document. The Constitution tries to create a stable government and provide equal rights to all individuals through the ratification of the amendments.


The main stratergies explained by Perlmutter are helpful strategies for researching. By reading the five points i learnt that facts are important, scholarly research can be wrong, and that arguments should invole facts. The points made by Perlmutter help me in knowing what to look for when researching about my topic.

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