Due April 6th



“Hate Speech and the Constitution” by Paul Finkelman

The first chapter of the book focuses on the efforts by government to regulate hate speech. Hate speech is usually directed towards others with the aim of violating specific rights of an individual such as rights to personal security; to privacy, dignity, and emotional well-being; and to full and equal citizenship. The efforts to regulate speech have brought about major political and constitutional debates on whether or not speech regulation is unconstitutional in regards to the first amendment. The debate has raised questions about the meaning and limits of free expression. There are no clear limits imposed on free speech for the sake of general welfare. Free speech is only inherently limited when used to violate the rights of others. Any efforts to restrict individual’s expression, even when necessary appear to pose a threat to freedom of speech. In result there is dilemma in which freedom of speech can be protected only by sacrificing other important values and vice versa.

The book “Hate Speech and the Constitution” by Paul Finkelman can be considered reliable because of the publication, use of footnotes, and the author’s background. The book was published by the Library of Congress which is a federal source thus making the book reliable. Finkelman uses footnotes to refer to constitutional documents and articles to support his view. Finkelman has prior knowledge about the topic because he is a specialist in American legal history, constitutional law, and race and the law therefore making him a reliable source.

The book relates to my topic because it focuses on hate speech and regulation of hate speech. The book has a lot of important information that i can add on to my focus. The book goes deeper into my focus thus providing me with  information that I did not have prior knowledge of. I was also able to get more details from the book on the information i had previously acquired from journals and articles. There are ample examples in the book that i can use for my focus. Generally, the book gave me a better understanding of my topic.

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