Due March 21st


The first website  i found on Google was on exploring constitutional conflicts on the regulation of fighting words and hate speech. The website consists of various examples of hate speech and the government’s role in regulating the conflicts without going against the first amendment. The author of the article is not stated on the website but various references such as pictures and court cases are used. The website would be useful in getting information on the constitutional conflicts the government faces when it comes to the regulation of hate speech.

The article that i found on Google Scholar was on hate speech in American history. The author of the article is Samuel Walker. The article poses the question of whether or not hateful words that incite prejudice against groups because of race, religion, or sexuality should be subject to criminal penalties. The article would be helpful in exploring the question and finding more information about it.

The article from Google Scholar seems more reliable because the name of the author and the place of publication are provided in contrast to the website i found on Google which did not include the author’s name. The article on Google Scholar had more information on the topic in comparison to the Google article.


Im somewhere in between when it comes to conductiong library- based research. I have had some experience in conducting library- based research from the Lied  libraray from previous classes.


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  1. It sounds like the article you found on the regular Google would be a good starting off point to find more research that might be more specific.

  2. I think it will be interesting to hear more on your topic because I don’t know much about it but from what I do know it sounds like a bad problem in the U.S. today.

  3. I like the topic you picked and I’m interested to hear more about it.

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