Due March 9th


 From the list my group came up with regarding the first amendment, I am most interested in focusing on the freedom of speech regarding public hate speech for example racist comments and gay bashing among others in the media. I am interested in this particular aspect of freedom of speech because I am interested in learning and finding more about hate speech in regards to freedom of speech. Whether or not it is okay for a person to say bashful words regarding another person’s race, nationality, religion, or sexual preference because of the first amendment’s guarantee of freedom of expression for all individuals.I am also interested in researching the effects hate speech has had on society.  I know that more people today are publically voicing their opinions on internet sites, books, magazines, radio, and television regarding their opinions on whatever they believe is ethically right or wrong. I want to learn whether or not there are laws against hate speech and the circumstances if any at which the laws against hate speech are enforced. I would also like to learn if all states have laws against hate speech or if there are some states that do not have laws a against it.


When i used both Google and Google Scholar to search for hate speech, there were no similarities in the results on the first page between the two search engines. When i used Google to search for hate sppech, the first result that came up was a reference to Wikipedia. The Google search engine also contained videos from youtube, images,  and results that had the words hate and speech that were not related to what i was specifically searching for. The Google Scholar search engine had results from articles and scholarly journals. The results from Google Scholar were all related to hate speech.

The Google Scholar search engine seemed like it would be more useful to me because it contained scholarly articles that would be useful in writing the research paper.

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  1. the idea of discussing whether there is a line where free speech becomes hate speech is an interesting one. when does speech become an action that is harming another individual? at what point does protecting somebody’s right to speak freely infringe on another person’s right to pursue happiness? your group-mate lindsie seems to be forging a similar path, and i bet you two can learn from each others’ ideas…

  2. I think you may have an easier time by varying your search terms to find better search results on the Google search engine. Maybe try, “hate speech first amendment” or just simply “hate first amendment,” or “racism/sexism/anti-religion first amendment.” Basically, I found it helpful to tag “first amendment” with every term I used. :]

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